360 Degree City: What Does It Mean to be a City Planner?

I sat down with John Lewis from the 360 Degree City podcast to discuss best practices for city planners, as well as issues that can befall them. Listen to the full conversation here.

360 Degree City is also available on Apple Podcasts.

Downtown Saskatoon Stimulus Strategy

Last year, I had the pleasure of aiding the transformation of Downtown Saskatoon into a vibrant, livable urban neighborhood that the city’s residents will be proud of. A detailed description of our plans can be found here:


Vision 2030: A New Future for Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert is retooling to take command of its future.  Through the new 2030 Vision, it is entering into one of the best co-governance models in Canada – it is emphasizing First Nations collaboration, community action, and public-private collaboration. Beasley & Associates is proud to be working on this exciting new project. Read the full 2030 plan here:


We were delighted to be part of a hugely successful public meeting with Mayor
Lee Brain and a host of First Nations representatives. Here are some photos of that event: