Larry Beasley’s Publications


-Vancouver’s Transportation Future, editor (Fall 1972).

– “Champlain Heights:  Citizens’ Urban Design in Vancouver”, Landscape Architecture Magazine (March 1976).

-A Design Probe Comparison of Regional and Municipal Attitudes Toward Regional Town Centres – Case Study in Burnaby, B.C., master’s thesis (May 1976).

-“Hastings Sunrise”, “Planning for Cassiar Street”, “The ALRT System”, and “1986 and Beyond – Giving to Vancouver’s Future”, Quarterly Review Magazine (October 1980, October 1981, April 1982 and July 1985, respectively).

-“More Testimony:  Theory and Practice of Citizens’ Participation”, Plan Canada Magazine, book review (early 1984).

– The Vancouver Legacies Program – Visions, (July 1985).

-“Design Guidelines – Curse or Blessing”, Awards Magazine for Architecture, Construction and Interior Design, with others (September 1994).

-City of Vancouver Casino Review Discussion Paper, with others (August 1994).

-“New Urban Neighbourhoods in Old Urban Ways”, New Urbanism – Publication of the International Making Cities Liveable Council (Spring 1997).

-“Hands Across the Pacific: Lessons from Chinese and Canadian Co-Operation” Forum – Canada’s National Municipal Affairs Magazine, with Louise Morris (Summer/Fall 1998).

-“Living First in Downtown Vancouver”, American Planning Association – Zoning News (April 2000).

-“Development Management in a Fast-Changing Canadian City: The Vancouver Example” and “China-Canada: Urban Cross Currents”, with Louise Morris, China-Urban Planning Overseas (November 2000).

-“New Urban Neighbourhoods in Vancouver”, Making Cities Liveable Newsletter (Vol. 5, No. 3/4. 2000).

-“Neighbourhood in the City”, with Jacqui Underwood, Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine (April 2001).

-“Laws and Processes Behind the Urban Designer’s Pencil: Thoughts from the Vancouver Experience”, Plan Canada    Magazine (Autumn 2003).

-“Re-inventing the City for People – A City by Design”, Ontario Planning Journal (Vol. 19, No. 1, January/February 2004).

-“Beaudry is Linchpin of NCC’s Excellence”, Ottawa Citizen (March 2004).

-“Moving Forward in Canadian Communities: Soliloquy of an Urbanist”, Plan Canada Magazine (Winter 2004) – Winner of the 2005 Plan Canada Feature Article of the Year from the Canadian Institute of Planners.

-“Living in False Creek North – From the Residents’ Perspective”, self-published booklet through the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning (July, 2008).

-“Taking Canada to the World: Touchstones for Effective Canadian Planning Abroad”, Plan Canada Magazine (Winter 2012).

-“The City as Museum and the Museum as City”, chapter in e-book, The City and Its Museum, edited by Marlen Moulion and Eric Sandweiss, International Council of Museums  (2015, publication pending).

– “Canada Needs a New Vision for the Suburbs”, Vancouver Sun (October 30 2015).

“Reclaiming Space for the Community – Giving the 13th Floor to the People”, Vancouver Sun (November 10 2017).

-“Northeast False Creek: Vancouver’s New Golden Apple”, Vancouver Sun (February 21 2018).

“The Art of the City by Raffaele Milani – Book Review”, Canadian Architect (Vol. 63, No. 3,   March 2018).

Following are publications where Larry Beasley’s work is extensively discussed:

-Register, Richard: Ecocities – Building Cities in Balance with Nature, Berkeley Hills Books, 2002.

-Punter, John: The Vancouver Achievement, UBC Press, 2003.

-Breen, Ann and Rigby, Dick: In Town Living – A Different American Dream, Praeger Publishers, 2004.

-Fisher, Bonnie et al: Remaking the Urban Waterfront, Urban Land Institute, 2004.

-Berelowitz, Lance: Dream City – Vancouver and the Global Imagination, Douglas & McIntyre, 2005.

-Sandercock, Leonie, “An Anatomy of Civic Ambition in Vancouver: Toward Human Density”, Harvard Design Magazine (Number 22, Spring/Summer, 2005).

-MacDonald, Elizabeth, “Street-facing Dwelling Units and Liveability: The Impact of Emerging Building Types in Vancouver’s New High-Density Residential Neighbourhoods”, Journal of Urban Design (Vol. 18, Number 1, February, 2005).

Montgomery, Charles, “Futureville”, Canadian Geographic Magazine (Vol. 126, No. 3,   May/June, 2006).


-Grant, Jill, “Experiential Planning: A Practitioner’s Account of Vancouver’s Success”, Journal of the American Planning Association (Vol. 75, Number 3, 2009).

-MacDonald, Elizabeth, Urban Waterfront Promenades, Routledge, 2018.